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24 June 2016

Freelance pieces

Samples from a 20+ year career in science writing…


Standard model (Nature)

The littlest prion (Nature Outlook)

Alzheimer’s vaccines (Nature Outlook)

The dark side of proteins (Nature)

The journey of Jin-Quan Yu (Scripps Research)

How real is CTE? (jimschnabel.com)

Secrets of the shaking palsy (Nature Outlook)

New Alzheimer’s therapy suggested (Science)

The sounds of silent movies (Nature)

Rewired for sight and sound (Nature)

Love song of the zebra finch (NYU Physician)

Zika and the Brain (Dana Foundation)

Perspectives on the next great flu pandemic (UNC Gillings School of Public Health)

Targeting tumor metabolism (Nature Reviews Drug Development)

The magic bullet that burst the bubble (New Scientist)